What do private lessons usually cost?

Our private lesson fees are $30 for each 30-minute lesson.

How many lessons should I sign up for?

The Academy follows the Chilliwack School District calendar and students are registered for weekly lessons from September until June. New students can start at any time and are registered for the number lessons that are left in the school year, or they can sign up for a Summer program or intensive.

Can someone sign-up for just 2 lessons?

The minimum number of lessons is 4, but most students sign up for a whole year.  As long as 4 lessons’ notice is given to the teacher, any student taking private lessons may withdraw at anytime.  Group classes are non-refundable, but typically have shorter runs; many group classes are intended to give students a chance to find out if year-long private lessons are for them.

Can I pay for lessons one week at a time?

It is our policy that the total number of lessons you register for are paid for up front and in full. We do have a payment plan that will allow you to make monthly bank account or credit card payments or post-dated cheques. Please read our policies for more information.

What time of the day are private lessons offered?

For private lessons, students have the option of choosing from any open time slot in a teacher’s schedule. Once all fees are paid to the office, a specific day and time is reserved for the year.

How can private lessons help me if I sing in a garage band?

The Chilliwack Academy of Music is inclusive of all styles of music, and some teachers specialize in styles other than classical. The foundation and skills learned through formal musical training translate to all other styles of music. Only by studying with a trained and experienced teacher can you learn how to avoid injuries, increase your musical stamina, and improve your technique – which makes playing in any group more enjoyable.

How old should my child be to start private music lessons?

Violin and piano students can begin private lessons at the age of 3; and voice, guitar, woodwind, brass and percussion students can begin private lessons at the age of 8. However, there are many factors to consider such as the physical size of the child and their maturity level. Some children are not ready for private lessons until they are older and better able to stay focused during lesson and practice times. Starting at an older age will not hinder a student’s progress in any way. It is much better to begin private lessons when the child is ready so that they have a positive experience. Please contact the Academy Office if you have any questions or to see if one of our group classes would be a more appropriate way to introduce your child to music.

Is there anything wrong with paying a friend to teach my child in order to save money?

The most important time to have a qualified and experienced instructor is at the beginning. This will help ensure the student will learn things correctly the first time as well as learn concepts faster, both of which will result in a more positive and rewarding experience. If you start lessons with an unqualified person, and the student shows enough interest that you decide to later switch to a teacher who is qualified, the student will have to spend a great deal of time working backwards and learning proper technique. Unfortunately, some students do choose to give up at this point, as they must spend time going over previously covered material.

Am I too old to learn how to sing or play an instrument?

Not at all. Many of our new students are adults that are taking music lessons for the first time. Whether you want to take private lessons, play in a group, or sing in a choir, we have a variety of options available.

Can we take piano lessons if we do not own a piano?

Piano students must have an instrument to practice on at home in order to progress. A touch sensitive keyboard can be used as a short-term alternative, but eventually the student will need daily access to an actual piano. Some music stores have piano rental programs at very reasonable rates that include free delivery.

Can I get high school credit for taking lessons?

Most school districts will waive your arts requirements if you pass your RCM Grade 6, 7 and 8 exams, but please check with your individual school district to make sure what their current policies are before you register for private lessons.